Introducing Real-life leads with Resonoi

Resonoi creates sales opportunities and increases sales by creating leads where nobody’s looking for, real life.

What are leads?

Common mistake is to think we know what a lead is. We tend to think reference is a lead, it’s not. Or that leads are something only marketeers generate with events and website visitors and that too is only half-truth. More importantly, it only works for some businesses with lot of existing exposure.

Lead in fact is any insight of someone in buying-mode.

Resonoi creates unconventional leads

What are unconventional leads?

Resonoi Leads looks where others don’t.. Real life situations where a product or device is in use and person is in a need for your service, spare part, fill-up or whatever it is you’re selling. We call it Resonoi’s “right there” -technology.

Resonoi Examples

Below, you’ll find a few ideas how Resonoi can be utilized to support your business


Direct route to your work queue


Service ordering with Resonoi

Engine not firing.. Should I search the internet or use Resonoi?


Fill-ups, Spare-parts & addons


Inventory fill-ups in a flash

More? Become one-click trusted partner for reservoir fill-ups and bypass competition


Say good bye to selling empty shelves


Resonoi sticker - Product out of stock

Let customer report with Resonoi when a product runs out-of-stock


Explain Quality, ensure loyalty


Bundle in Resonoi for info about manufacturing processes, raw material sourcing, manuals and more.


Mobile introductions


Share digital content in exchange for contact details

Travel / Hospitality

Direct channel for amenities

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Links to external sources

To self-study more about lead generation, here’s a couple of good sources:

Wikipedia on Lead Generation and Hubspot’s (a common marketing tool) beginners guide