Resonoi, the no-forms technology platform

Our greatest achievement and the only product quite frankly is Resonoi.

We truly believe forms should be eradicated or at least make it invisible to the user. People have better things to do than fill out forms of all kinds. This is the number one reason our feedback is mostly negative, if we are even receving any.

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Meters without inputs

How do you set the new direction when data is bad or no data?

There’s a big problem with computers, internet and tech. People are not sensors so how do you collect data? With forms. Yep, everybody hates forms.

To improve process efficiency, to get more leads, to sell more, to pay timely you need to know your parameters. Resonoi makes it easy for the users on both sides.


Local. Right there. On time.

Resonoi is Finnish and means “to resonate”. That’s what we are trying to achieve, to resonate on customer needs right there.

Let me give you an example: You’re in a toilet, paper runs out right after you are done. What do you do? Nothing. You go on your way, right? Who in their right minds would run to the counter telling about their business?

Wrong. You read Resonoi tag. Done!


Implement, improve, iterate

To get better, you need to do things once to know what’s not working. To learn what others think, you need Resonoi

Go and ask Field Service Engineer if they feel finding information couldn’t be easier. My point exactly.


Reach Thousands Of Inputs

Pair Resonoi with your products, websites, videos, email campaigns and more to make it unique customer experience like no other.