Progress Monitoring

Resonoi visualizes progress & sends anomaly alerts

HOTELS: Is the room ready & cleaned?

CONTRUCTION: Which stages are completed?

CARE: Which routine visits are already completed today?

Resonoi for Progress Follow-up is designed for multi-site environments with large teams or outsourced resources.

Progress Follow-up makes reporting a routine process task or a project stage completed as easy as it gets. Because Resonoi is always “right there” when the job is done, it’s easy to do with no systems hassle. We have also made implementing our solution a breeze, simple to setup and easy to manage users even in a large scale operations and/or outsourced resources.

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Resonoi Progress is Visual

Besides Resonoi Dashboard, list views and reports, new view can be also tailored to match any progress monitoring needs. With Resonoi Progress you can remotely see the live status of operations.

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