Digital Membership Management

Forget plastics, Resonoi Membership Management is the easiest electronic membership management system. Both loyalty program or memberships can be easily implemented fully electronic with Resonoi, using only mobile and no additional proprietary devices.

Resonoi Membership is mobile

Mobile first Member

Each member receive a membership identifier as a QR code which is unique for all users. They simply show it on the counter and it can be read with the Resonoi QR app for professionals to easily verify membership status.

No paper, plastics nor device hassle

With Resonoi you’ll be saving time, effort & resources as the whole system runs digitally. No dedicated devices for printing, no paper or plastics to be lost and printed all over again and definitely no logistics. One could even argue it’s eco-friendly.

For everyone

Resonoi Membership is a turnkey solution, ready from the day one for operation, ideal for organizations of all sizes with membership requirements. Its standalone nature will benefit small and medium operations, where as with API Resonoi it scales for bigger environments with integrations needs too.

Turnkey Mobile Membership

Once a member is added to the Resonoi Membership Management it handles the rest automatically. We have designed the system mobile-first, without compromises. It works on all brands with built-in browsers as our views use modern web technologies to scale to display size. Also reading the QR is possible with any mobile device, being it a tablet or a smartphone.

Resonoi is for every device

Membership Management Portal

Managing members couldn’t be easier. Are you ready? Add a persons email… done!

Same thing when de-activating an account, simply hit “inactivate”-button. Needless to say, changing member details is as simple. All management happens in a single portal, available everywhere.

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Use case Examples

Here’s a few idea of where Resonoi Membership fits nicely

Coffee member discount with Resonoi