Project Description


Large area with hundreds of public trash bins to be emptied with different intervals. In some areas the trash bin is located close to areas where a lot of people visit like sights where tourists go to need more regular emptying. At the same time there are trash bins in very remote locations like at the edge of the park which collect very little if any trashes. And then there’s everything in between. How to cope with that?


The city’s plan was to diveide the spaces in to segments and hire contractors through public tendering. Several partners were chosen and they get paid by times the trash bin is emptied. Next task was to figure out how to collect the data and monitor status? Maybe even get input from the municipals for when the trash bin needs another emptying?


Resonoi took up the challenge and implemented a touch free solution for worker who wear protective gear all the time while on duty. Worker can simply read Resonoi tag with a dedicated device and move to next one. There’s also option for reporting if the trash bin requires repairing or cleaning, touch free of course.

The Process

Start small, test it out, iterate & improve – on to production!