Project Description


How to differentiate in a competitive marked in the sector of IT Service Providers where outcomes are similar, margins are low and all vendors promise the same things? You provide service excellence!

When user faces problem, they should get assistance as fast as possible to get back to work with least interruption possible. Of course there’s an option to come and visit, send email or call, but email might be out of question when you can’t access your laptop and also as a Service Provider you wish to not increase incoming calls.


Besides traditional methods, IT Service Provider put Resonoi tags to each delivered laptop and workstation for end-user to easily access details of the computer and to enable a shortcut to HelpDesk requests bind to a workstation.


Now Service Desk agent already knows which customer, which user, which device is in question and can easily look for possible reasons from the background data. This setup also reduces repetitive questions related to the lease end date and renewals. At the end of use when workstation is returned, expert can easily verify it’s a correct device before wiping it off preventing erroneous data loss.

The Process

Tagging as part of pre-installation procedure – Simple move with an impact